Claire Clifton Abstract Artist
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Welcome to my page.
Kick your shoes off
and come inside.
There is a candle burning,

tea on the stove and a log on the fire.

This is a place without judgement.

This is an expression of who I am.

I love the way colors play with each other.

They create, they enhance, they cover.

Colors speak to textures, Textures invite

you to explore. You find yourself immersed

in a different time and place.

You become the colors,
you can taste them
and you can hear their song.

the images speak into your life, conveying messages,
instilling hope.
The past, the
it dares to speak the truth.

I feel color. I hear color.

A painting is like a musical composition,

sometimes a jazz solo,
sometimes a
Sometimes it is a poem or a

It may be a story with many chapters,
a single word.
Sometimes it is silence.

Enjoy your travels as you look around.

Take time to feed your soul.
If you see
something you like or you have something to say, head over to the contacts page and send me a message.

You can find me on Facebook here

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With Love

Claire xx