My Cancer Journey

This is just a snapshot. There is a lot left out.
There are some things people really don't need to know.

But if you meet someone in the street who is going through this,

it will give you just a little insight into their world.

So to read an account of a Cancer Journey click here

To Read my Short Story "Missing Normal" which was an entry in the Cancer Council Arts Awards click here

~It is 6 years since my diagnosis~

More Awareness is Needed!

Contrary to popular belief, when you get cancer & have to stop work and your husband stops work to look after you, you do not necessarily qualify for Centrelink benefits.
Contrary to popular belief, having income protection insurance doesn't mean that they won't find a loophole to reject your claim.
Contrary to popular belief, getting Cancer does not constitute a serious enough medical emergency to enable access to your Superannuation.

Please help me change these heartless Superannuation laws that prevent those with a life threatening illness from being able to fight for their life without having to also fight for their financial survival at this critical time. Speak to your local Member, write letters & emails, let them know it is NOT OK to disadvantage people in this way!
Meanwhile, Your support by purchasing artworks from this site
will enable me to continue this fight.